Are College Loans Really that Practical?

A lot of my friends struggling with money, it is difficult for them to go out with family and friends to have fun and do things other than eat and hang out on campus and go on trips during Winter and Spring breaks.

Luckily, I have my extra loan money. If I did not have this money, I have no idea how I would be able to go out and have fun. Sure, I am borrowing the money but for the moment I am able to go out and have fun. I am not limited to go out to eat, go do fun things with family and friends, or to go shopping on the weekends. I do not feel like a struggling college student, but I know I will suffer from this in the end.

Is it alright that I’m spending money now that I will need to pay back later? I am not sure I am alright with this. I had to take loans from the bank to pay for school because my parents decided not to support me, and just put me out in the real world on my own. They decided this with no warning, so it came as a shock to me and I had no money saved up to pay for college.

At first, it seemed like the only option. After awhile, I have realized I could have gone to a community college instead of attending a University of California (UC) and taking out loans I will need to pay back later. Loaning money to people so young kind of tricks them. I feel like I was tricked to think I have this money to spend as I please now, but in a few years I will be struggling to pay back these loans. I am not quite sure being in debt right after graduating from college will be worth it.

College loans allow students to go to college and get a good education, but it makes it more difficult once the student is out of college and thousands of dollars in debt. After thinking about this, I do not want to take anymore loans to pay for college because I do not want most of the money I make from my first job to go to paying for college. I want to be able to spend that money on myself and starting my new life. Some people would say I am throwing away a good education, but in the end I think I will be happier going to a community college next year and saving money rather than attending a UC and spending thousands of dollars I could save.